Unit 40 International Marketing Assignment Sample BTEC HND Level 4-5

Unit 40 International Marketing Assignment Sample BTEC HND Level 4-5

International opportunities and huge competitive pressure are forcing various companies to adopt the ongoing trend of globalisation. With emerging international businesses, the marketing approaches also differ from domestic marketing strategies. When a business is initiated for a globalisation aspect, this organisation can operate individually and jointly with the use of various strategies. There are several challenges and several opportunities that are adopted by potential marketers. The consideration of global advertising approaches is designed systematically so that these approaches can attract the audiences of the international marketplace. For entering a new marketplace, one organisation selects the best marketing approaches using multiple strategies by managing accordingly. Thus, to maintain both domestic and international marketplaces most companies use the marketing mix opportunities to remain competitive in the global business era. 

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Task 1: Demonstrate an understanding of how marketing contributes to business strategies in an international context. 

Understanding of marketing 

A company's attempts to promote the acquisition or sale of goods or services or service are referred to as marketing. Delivering goods to consumers or other businesses is included in advertising. Affiliates advertise a business on its behalf. Because it increases customer knowledge of the products or services, links them, and helps them make choices about what to buy, marketing is crucial to the organisation. The development and the development of need, application, image, competitiveness, etc (Tuomi, Tussyadiah, and Stienmetz, 2021). are also made easier by a marketing plan, which is a part of a firm plan.

Key scope and concepts of international marketing 

Secret Bay Hotel is considered a large hospitality organisation that has more than 30 hotels across the entire UK. This organisation is a service-based firm that tries to achieve ultimate consumer satisfaction with the involvement of all the departments to be in a good position. The main resource of this business is to conduct the business from region to region. This organisation is now aiming to enter the international marketplace expanding its business potential in the local marketplace (Secret Bay, 2022). To enter a new overseas market, the markets are conducting market research and several studies are accomplished while several studies are carried out. 

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Task 2 : Describe the justification behind a company's desire to promote abroad.

Commercial traction

More clients, sales, and money are the main goals of foreign firms. The firm gains new clients by moving to a different nation. Thus, the firm may grow the clientele and earnings outside the market. For organisations seeking commercial momentum, growing prospective clients not the only important variable. Businesses that sell worldwide sometimes charge more for the identical services offered in different nations. The firm can boost the margins without driving the customer care personnel crazy.

To decrease operation cost

Companies often export to save expenses. Finding cheaper people and suppliers is common in IT. Thus, firms may do more with less. Companies pursuing this objective also need the local tax system (Davronov, 2021). Ireland, the Netherlands, and Panama attract businesses with superior conditions.

Competitiveness boosting

New marketplaces provide more than "physical" outcomes. More consumers and cheaper suppliers. New markets mean new rivals. Adjust the offer to local demands. To compete, the organisation must innovate and create new solutions.

Risk diversify

Risk diversification is the last reason organisations grow internationally. Companies in politically and economically unstable nations typically pursue this objective. Because their market is unclear, it is safer to deal with other nations to reduce the fallout (González-Torres, Rodríguez-Sánchez, and Pelechano-Barahona, 2021). This method helps organisations become more solid and take greater risks.

Task: 3 Fundamental concepts and scope of international marketing 

Importing: Importing activities create an impact on the domestic market with global marketing. Many hotel and motel chains  of the global marketplace offer Hotel Secret Bay those services that are not achieved in the domestic markets easily (Kotler et al., 2018). Hotel Secret Bay can easily import new types of services from overseas areas that will help this hotel to create a competitive edge in the domestic marketplace. 

Exports: Secret Bay Hotel offers several services in the international market with exporting strategies. These services may be new in the international marketplaces that also help to create competitiveness in the international marketplace.

Authoritative agreements: this technique facilitates Secret Bay hotel to work with different other associations (Acosta, Crespo and Agudo, 2018). In this regard, a global advertising strategy is adopted. 

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