Unit 2 developing a marketing campaign sample answer UK

Unit 2 developing a marketing campaign sample answer UK

The objective of this marketing effort is to present The Cryptic Adventures' strategic vision and increase their presence in the ever-evolving escape room market. In order to take advantage of the growing demand for immersive leisure experiences like escape rooms, a more sophisticated marketing strategy is required. Their captivating stories and interactive appeal have piqued the public's interest in these experiences. In order to maintain steady growth and a competitive edge in this booming leisure industry, Cryptic Adventures focuses on strategic marketing strategies to draw in and keep a varied audience.

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Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign Assignment Solution UK

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Activity 1: Marketing Strategy Development

Marketing Aims & Objectives

SMART aims and objectives are essential for guiding Cryptic Adventures' marketing efforts effectively. They ensure goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Three recommended aims for Cryptic Adventures could include:

  1. Increase brand awareness by 20% within the local Stone area.

  2. Achieve a 15% increase in customer retention through loyalty programs.

  3. Launch two new themed escape rooms within the next 12 months to attract diverse customer segments.

Market Research

I conducted a questionnaire in Stone, gathering responses from 50 participants to assess local interest and preferences regarding escape rooms. Primary research provides direct insights but may have limitations such as respondent bias. Based on findings, the recommended target market for Cryptic Adventures includes young adults aged 18-35, who seek unique and engaging leisure activities.

Market Size, Structure, and Trends

Secondary research reveals that the escape room market is expanding globally, driven by increasing demand for experiential entertainment. Current trends include themed experiences and technological integrations to enhance customer engagement.


Several companies offer escape room experiences in the local and regional markets. Understanding their offerings and pricing strategies will help Cryptic Adventures position itself uniquely.

PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE analysis evaluates Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors impacting Cryptic Adventures:

  • Political stability supports business continuity.

  • Economic trends influence consumer spending on leisure activities.

  • Social preferences towards interactive entertainment drive demand.

  • Technological advancements enhance customer experience.

  • Legal regulations ensure compliance with safety and operational standards.

  • Environmental concerns encourage sustainable business practices.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis assesses Cryptic Adventures' internal strengths and weaknesses, alongside external opportunities and threats:

  • Strengths: Unique themes, central location.

  • Weaknesses: Limited brand recognition, high initial setup costs.

  • Opportunities: Growing market demand, untapped customer segments.

  • Threats: Intense competition, economic downturns affecting discretionary spending.

Product Life Cycle

Cryptic Adventures' escape rooms are positioned at various stages of the product life cycle:

  • Introduction: Launching new themed rooms.

  • Growth: Expanding customer base and service offerings.

  • Maturity: Enhancing customer loyalty and experience to sustain growth.

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Activity 2: Marketing Implementation

The Marketing Mix

  • Product: Cryptic Adventures offers themed escape room experiences.

  • Price: Pricing strategy based on competitive analysis, aiming for affordability and value perception.

  • Place: Strategically located in urban areas with high foot traffic and accessibility.

  • Promotion: Utilizing diverse channels such as social media, local events, and partnerships to reach target demographics.

Marketing Message

The campaign aims to convey Cryptic Adventures as the premier destination for thrilling and immersive escape room adventures. Emphasizing excitement, teamwork, and unforgettable experiences will resonate with adventure-seeking customers.

Selection of Media & Campaign Budget

With a campaign budget of XXXX GBP lasting XXX weeks, the media mix includes:

  • Social media advertising: XXX GBP for targeted ads.

  • Local magazine features: XXX GBP for print promotions.

  • Website optimization: XXX GBP for SEO and online visibility enhancements.

Careful budget allocation ensures maximum reach and impact across chosen media, reinforcing Cryptic Adventures' brand message while staying within financial constraints.

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