BTEC Level 3 Unit 5 International Business Assignment 1 Sample UK

BTEC Level 3 Unit 5 International Business Assignment 1 Sample UK

The impact of globalisation is one of the key challenges faced by business organisations. It demands creative strategies that allow businesses to reap the rewards gained by operating in the global economy while at the same time addressing the risks that arise when conducting international business. The ultimate aim of this unit is for learners to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies implemented by international businesses. Begin by introducing the aims of the unit, giving an overview of the content of the learning aims and explaining how learners will be assessed. This will give a basis for the types of activities in which learners will be engaged throughout this unit

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Learning Aim A – Examine the Influences on the Growth of Globalisation

  1. Presentation on International Trade

    • Features and benefits of international trade

    • Followed by a class discussion

  2. Informational Leaflet

    • Small group activity

    • Explaining the benefits of international trade to a specific audience

  3. Presentation on Factors Influencing Globalisation

    • Influence of business organisations on the global economy

  4. Data Analysis Activity

    • Pairs activity: examine data related to international trading activities

    • Design a data sheet identifying main exports by volume, value, and type

    • Identify main trading partners by country and region

  5. Discussion on Local vs National Economy

    • Use data sheet outcomes to compare local economy trends with the national picture

    • Discuss international business influence on local economy

    • Invite local business leaders or officials to provide insights

  6. Case Study on International Business

    • Write a short case study on a specific international business

    • Investigate the range of international markets

  7. Article on SMEs and Globalisation

    • Write an informative article on how and why international business concerns both SMEs and large organisations

  8. Comparative Study of International Activities

    • Use case study materials to compare activities of an SME with a multinational company

  9. Discussion on Globalisation Opportunities for SMEs

    • Lead a discussion on opportunities globalisation affords to SMEs

  10. Research and Presentation on Technology's Role

    • Small groups research technology’s role in international business

    • Present findings to the class

  11. Report on Influences on International Business Development

    • Write a short report reviewing influences on international business development

    • Include support from various agencies and government

  12. Assessment Preparation

    • Ensure learners are ready before handing out the assignment brief for Learning Aim A

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Learning Aim B – Explore the Structure of the Global Economy

  1. Presentation on International Trading Associations

    • Illustrate different types of trading associations and arrangements

    • Lead a discussion on their impact on local businesses

  2. Class Debate on Trading Associations

    • Debate the advantages and disadvantages of operating within an international trading association

  3. Presentation on Financing International Trade

    • Methods of financing, supporting agencies, and government support

  4. Research on Business Support and Payment Methods

    • Research how businesses are supported by agencies and government

    • Discuss findings with the class using case study materials

  5. Presentation on Barriers to International Business

    • Discuss factors impacting the growth of international business with examples

  6. Article on Trade Barriers

    • Research and write an article on the economic and business case for trade barriers

  7. Comparative Study of Trade Barriers

    • Compare national trade barriers with another country

  8. Presentation on Exchange Rates and Currency Fluctuations

    • Discuss the impact of currency changes

  9. Track International Currency Movements

    • Track currency changes over a period

    • Record the impact on export and import prices for specific businesses

  10. Report on Currency Movements and Share Prices

    • Track and analyse the share price of international businesses

    • Write a report on the relationship between currency movements and share prices

Learning Aim C – Examine Strategic and Operational Approaches to Developing International Business

  1. Presentation on Strategic Aims and Objectives

    • Discuss factors determining business strategies and examples of international strategies

  2. In-depth Study on Strategy

    • Evaluate a specific strategy for operating internationally, such as franchising

  3. Discussion on External Business Environment

    • Discuss factors influencing businesses engaged in international operations

  4. Report on External Environment Analysis

    • Write a report on the importance of external environment features to different businesses

  5. Recap of External Environment Analysis Methods

    • Review methods for analysing the external business environment

  6. SWOT and STEEPLE Analysis

    • Conduct SWOT and STEEPLE analyses on a specific international business using case study materials

  7. Presentation on Operational Implications

    • Discuss strategies businesses use to address external business environment challenges

  8. Discussion on International Business Strategy Implementation

    • Discuss factors to consider when implementing international business strategies

  9. Case Study on Local Business

    • Analyse how a local business has adapted its products and services for international markets

  10. Assessment Preparation

    • Ensure learners are ready before handing out the assignment brief for Learning Aim C

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