Unit 7: Business Decision Making Sample Answer UK

Unit 7: Business Decision Making Sample Answer UK

The purpose of this unit is to consolidate your understanding and skills, enabling you to interpret data and develop decisions and solutions for complex business problems. You will examine various business scenarios and situations where selecting and utilizing appropriate evidence from multiple sources to support your arguments is crucial. You will anticipate potential outcomes, identify flawed arguments or misrepresentations of information or data, compare information and data, suggest reasonable alternatives, and evaluate and justify your proposed solutions. Completing the assessment task in this unit requires you to integrate knowledge and learning from your entire program.

This unit emphasizes the significance of decision-making and planning in business, preparing you for employment, self-employment, training, or higher education. It is chosen as an externally assessed unit because it showcases your ability to extract relevant information and apply the knowledge and understanding you have gained.

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Task A: Understanding Business Ideas and Structures

  • Justify 'start-up' and 'developing' business ideas based on market gaps, trends, and competition.

  • Evaluate the structure and ownership types of businesses.

  • Analyze reasons prompting changes in business ownership and location decisions.

Task B: Data Collection and Decision Making

  • Identify primary and secondary sources for data collection.

  • Ensure data security and compliance with ethical standards.

  • Apply Porter’s five forces, 5Cs analysis, Ansoff Matrix, and Boston Matrix for decision support.

Task C: Research and Marketing Justification

  • Conduct primary and secondary research (surveys, interviews, etc.).

  • Analyze competitor impact on product/service offerings and pricing strategies.

  • Interpret economic, market, and social trends for strategic marketing planning.

Task D: Operational Management and Compliance

  • Understand legislative influences on business operations (health & safety, data protection, etc.).
  • Implement quality control measures and benchmarking strategies.
  • Apply Total Quality Management (TQM) principles for operational efficiency.

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Task E: Resource Management

  • Manage human resources efficiently (recruitment, training, etc.).

  • Decide on physical resources (premises, equipment, IT).

  • Explore financial sources, start-up costs, and financial forecasting.

Task F: Financial Forecasting and Analysis

  • Create and interpret sales forecasts, cash flow forecasts, break-even charts, income statements, and statements of financial position.

  • Analyze financial data to predict outcomes and recommend solutions.

Task G: Business Viability and Risk Assessment

  • Perform ratio analysis (liquidity, profitability, performance).

  • Conduct SWOT, PESTLE analysis, and 'what if' scenarios to assess risks and opportunities.

  • Develop contingency plans for business continuity.

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Task H: Business and IT Skills

  • Apply business skills to evaluate alternative approaches and risk factors.

  • Utilize IT skills for creating formal reports, presentations, and financial documents.

  • Employ software for financial analysis, graph generation, and scenario planning.

Each task focuses on specific learning objectives to equip learners with comprehensive skills in business decision-making, ensuring they can apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios effectively.

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